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How to Book with Us

Find out about your booking options and other available services.

Online booking

On our homepage you can look up our flights and any currently available special offers. We fly to over 35 destinations in Europe and North America.

Using our online booking engine, you can book a maximum of nine people in a single reservation. If you want to book a group of 10 people or more, please fill in our group booking form.

Booking by phone

You can also book directly through us, by calling our service center. Get in touch with us if:

Go to My Journey to review or change your booking, or to add additional services to it.

My Journey


  • You can purchase additional baggage allowance, either while booking your flight, afterwards through My Journey, or by contacting our service center.
  • You can carbon offset your flight by using our carbon calculator.
  • You can order your meal before your flight. If you’re flying on Saga Premium or Saga Premium Flex, meals and beverages are included. You can also buy meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages onboard, using a credit card or your Saga Points. Have a look at our Saga Kitchen menu.
  • You can make a seat request for all Icelandair flights. Those who like to get more comfortable, can purchase a seat with More Legroom.
  • You can find rental cars and accommodation through our partners and gain Saga Points when you book.

Gift Certificates

If you have a valid Icelandair Gift Certificate, find out how to use it to book a flight.

Would you like to inspire someone to go on their dream journey? Give an Icelandair Gift Certificate and let the recipient pick the destination of their choice.

Saga Club

All Saga Club members earn Saga Points when flying with us or our partner airlines. You can then use your Saga Points to pay for your Icelandair flights, in part or in full, as well as to purchase various other services.

Not a member? Join Saga Club, Icelandair’s frequent flyer program, and enjoy various benefits and exclusive offers.

Secure transactions

All our services can be purchased easily and securely using the most common payment methods. Icelandair takes protection of your personal information seriously and respects your privacy. See our privacy policy.