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Fly til Tel Aviv med et strejf af Island

Færøerne er et lille men fantastisk smukt øhav med en befolkning på kun 54.000 mennesker (og 70.000 får!). Landet består af 18 klippeøer, som ligger i Nordatlanten halvejs mellem Island, Norge og det nordlige Skotland.

Flyvetiden fra Island til Færøerne er under to timer. Icelandair tilbyder løbende flyvninger til Færøerne fra Island og Nordamerika, så du kan opleve den fantastiske og meget varierede natur, kultur og kulinariske muligheder.

Før du oplever de uspolerede Færøer, vil du måske prøve de unikke specialiteter fra Island? Når du booker flyrejse til Færøerne med Icelandair, vil vi gerne invitere dig på enStopover i Island, uden at det koster ekstra.

Icelandair flyver til Island 5-6 gange om ugen fra 1. maj til 26. oktober 2024.


Befolkning: 54,000Område: 1,399 sq km (540 sq miles)Hovedstad: Tórshavn

What to expect in the Faroe Islands

Look at the mid-ocean location for a hint of the weather in the Faroe Islands. With a surface area of only 1,399 sq km (540 sq miles) divided between 18 islands, the country receives a good deal of rain. Fear not! The wet weather creates optimal grazing conditions for the many free-roaming sheep (far in Norse, after which the islands are named) and for fog.

As the fog lifts, grassy mountains, wondrous waterfalls, sea-filled gorges and unrivalled ocean views are revealed. In slumbering seaside villages and cool capital Tórshavn, local culture thrives. Birdlife is bountiful, hiking is heavenly.

Tórshavn, capital of the Faroes

Named after the Norse god Thor, Tórshavn is one of the world’s coziest capitals, and there's a colorful toy-town appearance to the city. It’s charming historical core is Tinganes, a small peninsula delightfully jumbled with turf-roofed cottages and rustic, red-painted government buildings.

Some 14,000 people live in Tórshavn. This is no hectic big city – but that’s kind of the point! There is, however, all you need, from museums and cultural centers to souvenir stores and excellent restaurants. You want Michelin worthy dining? You’ve got it, even here! Be sure to investigate the locavore flavors of the Faroe Islands, especially the super-fresh seafood.

What to see in the Faroe Islands

Faroe highlights could run to many pages. Close to the airport, on the island of Vágar, are some sights well worth investigating after you fly in, or before your departure. Head to Gásadalur, a small village in a green valley ringed by hills. The area’s main claim to fame is the viewpoint to Múlafossur, a waterfall that cascades over a cliff to drop 60 meters into the sea below. It has become one of the iconic images of the Faroes.

Create an itinerary that wanders from turf-roofed hamlets in idyllic locales, like Saksun and Kirkjubøur, to sea cliffs teeming with birdlife at Vestmanna. Check out the illusion of the ‘hanging lake’ called Sørvagsvátn, visit the idyllic lighthouse at Kallur, and take a boat to the puffin-filled end-of-the-line island called Mykines. Stop when the hiking trails call or the epic viewpoints beckon.

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