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Our responsibility model

Aviation connects people, cultures and facilitates international relations, business and transport. For an island located in the middle of the North Atlantic, aviation is fundamental to connect to the world and maintain a good quality of life. As the leading airline in Iceland and an important employer, Icelandair Group takes its responsibility seriously towards all its stakeholders, such as its employees, customers and shareholders, as well the environment, the Icelandic economy and society at large.

Icelandair Group’s strategy in corporate responsibility is based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals have become a universal language of governments and businesses to work towards a more sustainable future.

How we create shared value

  • Generating jobs and benefiting the economy
  • Focus on limiting climate impacts
  • Driving change through responsible procurement
  • Promoting gender equality

Key elements of a responsible business

  • Health & safety of passengers and employees
  • Human rights, diversity and inclusion
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption
  • Environmental management

Strategic focus areas and key goals

Based on involvement of all functions and business units in Icelandair, we have chosen four Global Goals as our strategic focus areas. The focus areas represent areas where we can create shared value.

Reducing CO2 emissions

  • 20% reduction of CO2 emissions from flight operations
  • 40% reduction of CO2 emissions from ground vehicles 

Promoting gender equality

  • Never less than 40% of either gender in management positions
  • Increase the number of female pilot positions by 25%
  • Increase the number of male cabin crew positions by 25%
  • Increase the number of female aircraft maintenance technicians by promoting the job and education to girls

Ensuring a responsible supply chain

  • By end-2020, top 100 suppliers have gone through our risk screening model and actions have been taken to act on the assessment
  • By end-2021, our Code of Conduct is integrated in all business contracts
  • By end-2021, all significant suppliers have gone through risk screening model and actions have been taken to act on the assessment

Driving economic value

  • Map Icelandair Group's contribution to Iceland's economy.